Human Folk Bird

at Archipelago, group show at Cafe Gallery, Southwark Park, 11/06/11 - 17/07/11

Photo by Hydar Dewachi

This show evolved during its six-week life span. Each artist staked out their territory and negotiated their boundaries with the other 14 artists. The Human Folk Bird made a nest out of a sofa and fallen branches from the park, then feathered it with collected/stolen folk songs, eggs, ribbons, whisky bottles and various gifts and objets donated by kindly visitors to the gallery. The Bird also sang loudly to the other artists and visitors and danced morris jigs to music provided by Joe Woolley and his guitar on the sofa, and Will Pound and his melodeon via skype.

Visit for more information on the project and its sister exhibition, "Wake" at Dilston Grove.

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