The Great Valerio

"Cabaret Melancholique "In association with Brian Catling and Tony Grisoni
at The Mildmay Social Club 14/12/07

Once a year at Christmas time, Brian Catling and Tony Grisoni host an event at The Mildmay Social Club in Newington Green. The acts are invited but not vetted. The reputation of the event has become legendary since its debut several years ago. Tickets sell out very quickly. The atmosphere is indescribable.

In 2007 I had a touch of the 'flu.

I wore my Victorian mourning dress and sang "The Great Valerio" unaccompanied.

No photos exist of this event.

Many thanks to Sally O'Reilly for her review.

"A blindfolded and glistering apparition of bedevilment herself stepped
tentatively on to the stage and we filled our boots with the beauty of her
song.." -
Sally O'Reilly

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