Re-entry After Avalon

The Enchanted Garden In association with SPACE Studios
The Big Chill, The Larmer Tree Gardens Dorset, 7.8.98 - 9.8.98

An opportunity to show work in the middle of the night at the Big Chill Festival was an excellent situation to start a modest legend.

I imagined that the Lady Of Shalott, since her time in Avalon, had been orbiting the Earth. Her vessel had crash-landed into the ornamental pond at the Larmer Tree Gardens and she lay there amoungst the lily pads and basking newts.

My dress was embroidered with flowers which had tiny llight bulbs at each centre. As I entered the water, the lights flickered and died.

Festival-goers spread rumours about The Lady Of The Lake – had she died? Will she come back again?

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