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Apple Tree Wassail EP
Pretty Little Small Birds
Grey Cock
Mad Beasts
Make Merry in Step and Song
Blackface Lapdancing

Wassail Tree Dress


Human Folk Bird
Wassail Tree Dress
Human Folk Bird 
The Last of the Red Wine
The Last of the Red Wine
Tyburn Gallows
Morris Game
Imbolc picture
Springheel Jack sketch
Springheel Jack
Horn Fair Procession 2

Horn Fair sketch

May Day Parade 2009

Flash Company poster

Horn Fair Procession 1
May Day Parade 2009
Flash Company

May Day Solo Parade sketch

Cab Mel poster

Death and New Life sketch

May Day Solo Parade
The Great Valerio
Spirit of Death and New Life


Sketch of Victorian lunar module

Sketch of milk maids dancing

Eel Tossing
Mrs Bloom's Lunar Capsule
Two Maidens a-Milking

Sketch of woman in mourning with balloons
Sketch of figure running from monster
Bachelor Tree sketch
Broken-hearted Promenade
The Proprietor's Daughter
The Bachelor Tree
Sketch of person in upside down tree
Sketch of woman suspended on swing
Sketch of exercise bike
The Probability Tree
The Interrupted Journey
Sketchbook drawing of woman tied to the front of a ship
Sketchbook drawing of the Lady of Shallotte's boat
Sketchbook drawing of space telescope for performance
The Violent Unknown Event
Re-entry After Avalon
Sketchbook drawing of jump tower for performance
Sketchbook drawing of The Execution of Lady Jane Grey
Sketchbook drawing of constuction for wooden water tank
The Physics of Escapism
The Distance Between You and Me
Astral Traveller



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